As a veteran culinary professional, I appreciate that sumptuous meals of exquisite foods arrayed in opulent surroundings on lavish dish ware is only one wonderful challenge. Equally satisfying is recipe development: creating or styling a dish that responds to the demands of limited ingredients and time constraints, or adheres the dietary considerations of a specific demographic. Likewise, productive development—consulting in the entire process that brings a new product from concept to market—is another dimension of my culinary work.

My services regularly involve: 

• using retail products to create editorial

recipes for print and Web site.

• offering creative input for recipe ideas, seasonal variations, and market trends

• developing, testing, and writing recipes

• adapting or inventing recipes to meet specific nutritional guidelines or client objectives 


Using core Nestlé products, I developed new recipes for their Web site. Additionally I updated some of their classic chocolate treats.

Abbott Nutrition

On an ongoing basis, I work with the marketing team and Abbott nutritionists to create recipes that meet strict dietary guidelines by using their product line.

The Marzetti Company

Using the clients current line of salad dressings, I’ve created a variety of recipes for print and Web site.


As the company continues to expand its line of upscale bake ware and cookware, I’ve been involved in creating foods and images for packaging and Web sites that showcase each product’s features or capacity.